General Info

Grundtvig workshops are meant to facilitate people around European Union Member State and "affiliated" to acquire NON VOCATIONAL skills and knowledge, so that they improve their personality in communicating and collaborating with Europeans of different nationality, language, profession, social status, and culture.

The participation at the workshop does not provide participants with a professional certification; nevertheless it may show a personal aptitude in a CV. A certification of attendance is foreseen to be issued by the host organization. The approved outline may be seen here...

Participants will be provided with a touristic class air-ticket (two way) from their nearest airport (whenever air-travel is the fastest and cheapest transportation) to either Thessaloniki or Kavala airport (both at 125 Km distance).

The Thessaloniki airport has a more convenient public transportation (city-bus N⁰ 78 from the airport to the interurban bus station, every 30 minutes, from 05:30 to 22:00). Taxi from the airport to the bus station costs approximately 25,00. Total bus cost: less than 9,80 per route. Taxi, direct from the airport to the hotel may cost approximately 130,00 per route and may carry up to 4 persons. Bus tickets will be refunded, taxi is not refundable.

Participants may choose to come by train. Although there is a train station in Serres, the timetable is scarce and the bus from Thessaloniki train station to Serres is advisable. city-bus 78, coming from the airport, passes from the train station and stops at the interurban bus station). Trains from Europe are coming to Thessaloniki through the former states of Yugoslavia. There are also trains from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Thessaloniki. These trains stop also in the territory (Strymon station) but connection with the town of Serres is scarce.

From Sofia and Plovdiv there are two daily buses to Thessaloniki, that stop in the town of Serres (train station).

All train and bus tickets are fully refundable, immediately after their submission.

Full accommodation (room, breakfast, supper and dinner) with no additional cost to the participants, at a high standards hotel (Elpida-Resort).

Each day, from 09:00 to 13:30 the participants will take part in the workshops of the program.

The workshops are starting with an introduction of the subject and then the separation of the participants in smaller teams of international character and the guided preparation of a small document. Finally, in a plenary session, the representatives (different for each day, will present the proposals and or conclusions of their teams. Every team will have in advance an outline of a debate.

Every afternoon, there will be organized a cultural activity, as guided visit of museums, monuments, natural landscapes and traditional folklore activities.

Submission of Applications by e-mail ends at February 15, 2013, GMT 11:30. The attached file of the application form, must also be printed, signed and mailed to the organizer, at: BIC of Serres, P. Kostopoulou 12, 62122 SERRES - Greece (P.O.Box 1140), by express mail or courier.

For the selection of the participants, the criteria approved are:

The candidates will be selected and listed as:

DECLARATION about the selection:

There is no discrimination or preference of any kind based on nationality, race, colour, mother tongue, political beliefs, religion or sexual orientation.