Concluded activities description

After the application approval and the negotiation about the necessary modifications of the implementation schedule, the project has been published by the National Agency (IKY), as well as at the BIC site. E-mails have been sent to acquaintances across Europe.

The initial selection of accommodation could not be fulfilled, because of a fire at the hotel.

The plan changed and after a search for an appropriate accommodation and a negotiation with the local hotels, the best choice appeared to be the Elpida Resort and SPA, a high standards hotel, near the town center, offering a conference room, break catering, high standards restaurant for both dinner and supper, the lunch at Erodios and the Tavern night. In the same time, the hotel company has also a traveling agency, undertaking the task of billing the travel tickets and arrange some of the cultural mobility.

Interest started being shown from many different countries. Each interested person was receiving an e-mail with a personalized answer.

Within a week after the deadline (15th of February 2013) the committee gave a list of selected participants and a reserve list. The selection criteria encountered the need for variety in nationalities, ages, gender and social status. The result was a team of 20 participants from 10 different countries and in addition 10 Greek citizens. in both categories, females prevailed. As it also was expected, the average age was not high, because of missing language skills in elder ages.

After the prompt response of the aspirant participants, the signed formal application has been mailed  to each one of them.

The program has been executed with accuracy under all aspects, except two trainers' replacement by their substitutes.

No changes occurred in the cultural activities. They have all been realized, with only one minor discrepancy; delay to the participation in the fire tradition.

All the participants were taking part in the training program (guests and domestic).

The rotation of the formation of the "discussion" groups did not face any objection; it has been endorsed with enthusiasm.

A Face Book group has been created by the Italian participants (Capez) while the Dutch participant created a blog (acinet.