Business & Innovation Center of Serres (Greece)

BIC of Serres

The European Union, in 1984 started an experimental application of an old prescription to cure the regions suffering from recession and unemployment, in Liege of Belgium. This experiment resulted in a wide spread European project, covering less developed Regions in the beginning and hole Europe, shortly after. Now, there are about 150 BICs in Europe and about 35 in the rest of the world.

BICs assist, both existing and potential entrepreneurs to develop Innovations and succeed exploiting innovations in order to obtain regional development..

BICs offer to their clients, after a contract of "venture consulting" a series of services, permitting them to make the best of their ideas, risk and efforts.

BICs have become an institution over Europe. They assist 3.500 new businesses each year, known as start-ups, creating over 85.000 new jobs

The idea of innovation is concentrated over the local competition on a new product.

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