European Union Business & Innovation Center

(for East Macedonia and Thrace)

ลสลส / EU-BIC of Serres

Venture Consulting

Venture consulting is a form of contract binding the consultants to assist entrepreneurs for free and the entrepreneurs to pay when their innovations bring enough revenues.

These entrepreneurs are liable due to contract clauses, not to abandon their projects, sell them to others, or reveal it to any competitor.

Venture consulting is an investment by the organization that undertakes the task of supporting start-up businesses.

This investment is partly financed by public and private bodies in the Region in order to obtain development within the Region. It is fair to be expected that their investment stays in their Region and creates wealth.

The service offering organization cannot expect public and private financial assistance for ever. It has to cover the cost of the services. It is fair enough to charge the successful enterprises that owe their success to the organization's assistance.

Cost recovery with venture consulting leads to:

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