Business & Innovation Center of Serres (Greece)

BIC of Serres



The General Assembly, every 2 years, elects an 11 members Board of Directors. The elected Board elects the president, one vice-president (the second is appointed by the host organization) the treasurer and the Secretary. A three member Auditing Committee, is also elected for 2 years. Active president: Ioannis Kafetzopoulos, Mechanical Engineer, president of several enterprises, the most known of them Strimon S.A.

The General Assembly, every year, appoints two Accountants for every consecutive year.

The decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors are include tasks of The Chief Executive Officer, who assumes the necessary staff, employees, pool of experts and signs agreements with third parties. Active CEO: Nikolaos Karanassios, Vice President: Vasileios Tsoukas

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