Business & Innovation Center of Serres (Greece)

BIC of Serres

Pool of Experts

The expertise of the BIC staff members is not meant to cover all the needs of the clients. Stressing that the BIC staff works as a guiding and assistance providing team, is not eligible to undertake studies, applications for finance, business plans or any form of service provision to enterprises or would be entrepreneurs, there is a strong need for external expertise. Thus, a list of experts, after an evaluation, is formed, in order to give the interested parties, the possibility to negotiate special consulting services out of a trusted list.

Obviously, all the expertise needed is not available in local level. The Network of similar entities, throughout the same method, increases the possibility to find the proper consultants. If this is not enough, something usual in innovative business ideas, the pool of experts of the other European (overseas as well) may provide additional chances throughout their own 'pools of experts". When the idea is a breakthrough needing research, researchers from the connected University level Institutions, are another way, using the BIC services.

The BIC of Serres pool of Experts is dynamic and changes according to the change of status of the selected once, while new persons are joining the listed once, because they are assessed as qualified. The inclusion in the list of the pool of experts is assigned to a committee, headed by the CEO, completed by a competent vice president and one staff member, according to a Board of Directors decision, valid for their term.

Last list (2022-04-28)

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