Business & Innovation Center of Serres (Greece)

ลสลส / BIC of Serres


From 2008, the operating office has moved to P.Kostopoulou str. at the 1st floor, to be near the Chamber of Commerce.

At the time of foundation and the first year of operation, the host organization was the Chamber of Commerce of Serres.

pictures: Headquarters from outside, Headquarters towards the inside, from the inside

After 1995, one of the founding members, the Technological Education Institute (now International Hellenic University), offered the necessary space and equipment to house the operating offices.

Changing the use of the premises (now hosting Post Graduate Program Studies) BIC of Serres is mainly operating from the above office (P. Kostopoulou Str. 12), together with other offered rooms for activities of Mentoring and / or training (mainly Chamber of Commerce).

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