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Junior Enterprise


The Experimental Student Team of Entrepreneurship (E.S.T.E) is a student group of the Dpt of Business Administration of T.E.I of Serres. The team is composed by the student's initiative and has a Regulation Recommendation. The Regulation of Recommendation is adapted in the framework of the connection of our education with production and the market. The basic aim of this is the pioneer business activity of the students in the framework of the Dpt's and the Institute's general aims.Ulterior motive is the utilization of our studies in our occupational career.

In the framework of the team, the student-members can develop any kind of activity, when this activity is standing within the aims that the Regulation of Recommendation of this group is bounded and is on accordance with the Institute's motive.

More specific, our activities are going to be on subjects which concern marketing, utilization of European projects, market research, publication and any kind business activity that fits to the student character, gives a prospective of career after studies and start making profits.

The tutor of this team was Dr. PASCHALOUDIS DIMITRIOS (Economist-Sociologist)