Association of Young Entrepeneurs


Association of Young Entrepeneurs

1. Description of the idea

The idea of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs is to get young entrepreneurs with potential together, easing the progress of information and to help them find co - operation partners they need.

Also, the association is going to offer various services ( described in services), to entrepreneurs, aimed to help them run their businesses as successful as possible.

2. Why ?

Youngsters of today will be influential leaders of tomorrow. In the future, these people are rising higher and higher in the companies hierarchy and their companies will be all the time more successful.

When supporting young entrepreneurs, we are investing to future. Making sure, that when people from older age - classes are retiring, the society will be in good hands.

Young entrepreneurs are still in the beginning of their career, and they don' t have yet so many co - operation partners as older owners of enterprises. Bringing entrepreneurs from different fields together, we are producing synergy and every one will find needed co - operation partner.

Too many good ideas will never see the daylight because the lack of business skills. It' s true that younger people have a lot of innovative ideas, especially at the field of new technologies. But they can always learn from the ones with more commercial experience.

3. Services

- The association should be capable of giving helpful advice to entrepreneurs, whenever they need information about, example: marketing, finance, taxing, patents, research centers etc.

- Association will help entrepreneurs to find premises for their businesses and to find labour.

- Extensive database of companies from different fields, and interesting companies from different countries as well, to help the entrepreneurs to find the co - operation partners they need.

- In the office of association, there should be computers with proper programs, internet and printers installed, for those entrepreneurs, who haven't got their own yet.

- To help the entrepreneurs to co - operate with learning institutions; technology transfer, degree projects, labour.

- The association could organize a fair, example once in a year. All the members of the association could show their products for other companies, and also for public. The association should help the entrepreneurs to get publicity as much as possible. (also other times during a year )

- There should be books and magazines in the office, covering different branches of business.

4. Estimation of what the members are expected to be


There is about five thousand entrepreneurs possible to be members of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs around the area of Serres. However, with six hundred members the association would be completely satisfied.


Most potential members for the association are:

All the entrepreneurs, who are going to be members, should have some education about business, at least one basic course. Also, it would be nice, if there would be both men and women members as entrepreneurs.

5. Marketing

As a member of the association, the entrepreneur will find a company to do co - operation with. Only by networking and by co- operation can small - and medium sized firms compete with big companies.

By collaboration expenses can be reduced, which leads to a better profitability and ability to compete by price.

It's good for the companies image and credibility to belong to an association like this. The association will try to get media coverage for the members.

When joining the Association of Young Entrepreneurs, the owner of an enterprise will get many opportunities that the other firms don't have. The companies who are members, are in the "inner circle" of local business. They will always get all the information before "outsiders", get to present their company at the exhibitions organized by the association, and get to do interesting co - operation with with learning institutions.

6. Promotion

Since the target group ( young entrepreneurs ) is so narrow and well known, advertising is easy to direct to them. Direct marketing is the most efficient way of promotion to bring the message for potential members. Advertising in the business magazine and newspapers is also a good way to reach the potential members of the association.

Even though the entrepreneurs are the main target of the promotion, potential future members cannot be forgotten. Advertising should be directed to learning institutions as well, especially for students on their final years. The association should have lectures in schools and hand out some brochures etc.

Public relations is very important part of promotion for the Association of Young Entrepreneurs. Meetings, conferences, events and exhibitions should be taken part in regular basis.

The association has to create a good relationship with the local media to get positive media coverage.

Also, to be in touch with similar development centers from different regions and countries is important.