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Business Planning Organization and couching

Business Planning is wrongly said to be a complicated Endeavour.

Potential entrepreneurs and currently enterprising persons and teams alike, tend to believe that they need a competent consulting firm, if they are seeking financial support, national or co-European. Many of such consulting entities are convincing their clients that they know the way to fulfill the subsidy awarding requirements (not rarely the persons' involved demands - mostly imaginary and not real).

BIC is disposed to assist entrepreneurs (aspirant, active or prospective) to:

  1. Define the project idea.

  2. Pre-assess the compatibility of the team (including investors and "key-persons").

  3. Act as a secretary to the business Plan "writing"

  4. Provide information about the sector and its trends (display of main competitors included)

  5. Assist the entrepreneurs' consultants in their business planning and.

  6. Control the fees of the Consultants.

  7. Assess the consultant's capacities.

  8. Enrich the teams.

  9. Display the business plan to prospective investors or other financiers.

  10. Follow-up.